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One of the tenets of the Fundamental school philosophy is to emphasize the importance of attendance and promptness. Although student attendance at Hollow Hills has been quite good, we have had a large number of unexcused absences and far too many tardy students. Unexcused absences usually are the result of extended vacations, trips during regular school days, etc.

California, like all other states, does have compulsory attendance laws: students should be in school except for sickness and emergency-type situations. Please schedule vacations during non-school times.  Individual student attendance patterns will be monitored very closely. Parent contacts will be made when necessary and students will be placed on probation if the problem continues. We ask for your support and cooperation in this effort.

Notification of Absence

When your child will not attend school, we ask that you call his or her absence into the office. Call the school’s main phone number, which is (805) 520-6720, and then press 1 to go directly to the Absence Line. You may call this number and leave a message about your child’s absence. Please tell us the date, your child's name, room number and/or teacher’s name, and the reason for the absence. If no reason is given, the absence will be entered as an unexcused absence. Remember that you need to call each day the child will be absent. This message will now replace having to send your child back to school with a written note. However, if you do not call the absent line, please send your child back to school with a note stating the above information. If a message is not received some time during the day of your child’s absence, you will receive an automated voice message from the school district that evening. Please remember that all absences must be addressed, whether it be by a voice message, written note, or in person. Thank you.