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School Traffic

Traffic is quite heavy in the mornings and after school.  We have two drop-off and pickup locations on Erringer, which is usually quite empty, and our school parking lot.  Please remember jaywalking is dangerous and illegal.  When dropping your student off in the morning or picking them up after school, always pay attention to the red zone.  Do not allow students to exit or enter your vehicle from the red zone.  Please pull all the way forward to the next available space in the yellow zone before dropping off or picking up students.  Do not block traffic entering or exiting the school student drop off zone.  There is a bus only loading zone at the north end of the parking lot on Gibson Avenue. It is between the exit driveway and Edmund Street.  Do not stop or park in this area.  More information is available in your student folder or at the office.  Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our students safe and our neighbors happy!